Welcome to Unbound


Here at Unbound, our mission is simple - to help you create, live, and cherish your fullest life. 

We are passionate about thoughtfulness and purposefulness - focusing on what adds meaning to life - paired with organization and healthy productivity. We believe it’s not necessarily about doing more things, it’s about doing the right things. And we’ve harnessed the power of pen and paper to create tools that guide and inspire you on this journey.
Our planner is a robust tool that combines a weekly planner, thoughtful goal-setting system, and wellness journal in one. It is the ultimate organizational system - with dedicated space to track everything from your biggest dreams and goals to your projects to your weekly planning and daily habits along with healthy habits like gratitude, exercise, self care and more. Shop our planners here, or read about our process here.

Our five year journal is the perfect way to reflect and remember the life you are creating. Because they store your memories over five years, they are a wonderful way to track growth over time or simply reflect on your favorite memories. Shop and learn more about our journals here.

We’re honored you’ve joined us on this journey.

Here’s to living life to the fullest,

Annie and Brant