Self-reflection: start your year right

When designing the Unbound Planner, we knew all along that it would begin with a self-reflection. It’s a critical first step in the goal-setting and planning process as it gives you the opportunity to pause, reassess and refocus. What are your current priorities? Are you spending your available time on the things most important to you? What areas of your life need more attention? Less? Are you moving the direction you want in life?

In the age of the Internet, it's too easy to jump online and see thousands of other people's bucket-lists filled with millions of goals. And while it can be inspiring, more often it can confuse you into thinking those are the goals you should have too. Or make you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated and disillusioned. You find yourself blindly listing other people's goals on your own personal list and consequently, spending your limited (and valuable) time and energy on things that don't matter to you. And your days continue to feel full yet unfulfilling.

Think of your self-reflection as your compass for the year. Use it to point you in the direction you actually want to go. Take time and be honest with it. Start it. Take a break and think about the questions. Come back to it. Don't feel like you have to tackle it in one sitting. This is not about figuring everything out and having your perfect life plan. It’s simply trying to determine what you want to spend your time on. What fills you up. What drains you. What motivates you. What you're passionate about. So that ultimately, you can create a list of rich and meaningful goals that truly resonate with you. Goals that encourage you to focus on whatever is important to you right now. Goals that keep moving you in the direction you want in life, even if most days it's just one inch at a time.