Project Planning and Goal Templates

Project Planning and Goal Templates

One unique aspect of our planners is that we offer designated project planning and goal-specific layouts. We offer a few variations to accommodate the varying types of projects and goals you may want to plan out. Our hope is these templates are flexible enough to be useful but also structured enough to inspire you more than a blank page would.

In this post, we'll walk through the three different options and ideas for how to use them.

First layout: Project Planning with Boxes

This layout is ideal for any project/goal that can easily be broken down into categories. For example: planning a trip or your outdoor garden or a family wedding. This layout can also be the perfect way to organize ideas. Some examples include organizing gift ideas by person or favorite recipes by type of food or travel ideas by location or restaurants by price point or date night ideas by season. The options are truly endless. We offer four pages of this template in each of our 2021 planners. 

Second layout: Project Planning with Milestones and Dot Grid

This layout is our most open and works great for any projects/goals where you need ultimate flexibility - whether that be to draw a diagram or brainstorm ideas for your research paper. They also work especially well for any of your projects/goals that have sequential steps. For example: home remodels, launching a new website, photo organization, decluttering your closets etc. In this layout, we call out the key milestones at the top of the page to keep you on track and focused. We offer three pages of this template in our 2021 planners. 

Third layout: Goal-specific Template

This layout is more structured than our project planning pages. It uses prompts and specific questions to help you create a fully thought-out goal with a detailed plan - something that is proven to increase your chances of achieving the goal. Ideas for this layout are fitness goals (i.e. run a 10K), learning a new language, starting a new business, working on healthy social media habits etc. We offer three pages of this template in our 2021 planners.

These are just a few examples to hopefully jumpstart your own ideas of how to best use these templates for your planning.