Unbound 2019

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Beautiful & durable

A hardbound, lay-flat book to last the year

Be purposeful with your time

Achieve goals that matter to you

A comprehensive planning system

Easily track all your goals and To Dos - big and small


A yearly planner on a mission to redefine how you spend your time. Consider it your personal guide for the year. Your tool to be more mindful and proactive. Your commitment to becoming your happiest, healthiest and most productive self.

Organize your time. Spend it with purpose.

Unbound helps you align your daily routine with your big dreams.

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Focus on goals you care about

Success isn't achieved by doing more things but by focusing on the right things. Our built-in self reflections and guided goal-making process ensure you spend your valuable time on what is most meaningful to you.

Track everything in one place

Clear your mind with our one-of-a-kind organizational system that keeps track everything from your biggest goals to smallest everyday tasks.

Create healthy habits

Includes dedicated space for practices like gratitude, self care and reflection so you're reminded regularly to engage in healthy life habits proven to increase your happiness, productivity and health.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the layout

This is a powerful, effective tool - with enough structure to keep you focused and enough free space to make it your own.

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I purchased one of your planners last week to see if this will be my new go-to and I'm not exaggerating, I am GIDDY. Thank you for this beautiful and soul-enriching gift.

Jennifer B.

I've used dozens of planners, journals, and notebooks over the years and this beats them all hands-down. The design is refined, neither too fancy nor too basic. Unbound has the best planner layout I've found.

Eden B.

I’m obsessed with my Unbound planner. It’s a brilliant tool to reach your goals and organize your life. Aside from being visually appealing the actual quality of the planner is excellent. It truly makes even your biggest goals in life achievable on a daily basis. 

Lindsay R.

I don't think of it as my planner. I think of it as my step-by-step guidebook to being the person I always dreamed I'd be. It's my one place to achieve all my goals, no matter how big or small.

Alison H.

I have used five different planners in the past five years and Unbound Planner is The One for me. It has all the planner features I need and sections for habit tracking, goals, reflections, gratitude, misc. notes, etc. The paper quality is great, the print is clear and large enough to read, and it's beautifully bound and opens flat.

Amy B.

First off, this planner is simply stunning. The look and feel of the cover is robust. The text and organization of modules within the pages is well thought out with surprisingly helpful bits stuck in between the essentials. 

Andrew M.

This is my first time using a planner in my adult life and I am LOVING IT! I have met so many goals and have really stuck with the daily planning and it has been SO EASY. I love the layout and it doesn't feel overwhelming because it makes sense. 


As of 2018 I can gladly say I'm in a relationship... with my Unbound Planner. This planner has completely changed the way I operate. From the first pages, this planner challenged me to look at myself and the habits I needed to work on.

Mary R.

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