2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic
2021 Planner - Classic

2021 Planner - Classic

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Your time is precious. Make the most of it with thoughtful planning.
Some days you want to get as much done as possible. Other days you simply want to live your life and be present for all the tiny moments. We created the Unbound Planner for all of it. It’s a comprehensive yet flexible organization system to guide you through your days, months, and year.
Our planner is designed for anyone who craves thoughtful, intentional action in their life, and values having everything they need to remember in one place.
We start by helping you identify your values and priorities, making sure you've considered what is worth your valuable time and what isn't. You are then guided through a process to create meaningful goals for yourself. Throughout the year, you are prompted to integrate these goals into your daily to-do lists, encouraging you to grow in ways that are most fulfilling to you. All the while, we remind your to continue your self-growth through regular life practices like gratitude, reflection, self care and more.
Stylish and classic, this planner is designed to be your daily companion with a durable cover and rounded corners to withstand daily use. Proudly designed, sourced, and manufactured 100% in the United States with certified eco-friendly paper.
For your inspiration, here are some adjectives we associate with each color. Which ones resonate with you for this new year?
Indigo - Deep, Resilient, Intentional
Lavender - Inspired, Hopeful, Romantic
Spruce - Connected, Genuine, Present
Sunflower - Creative, Joyful, Warm
  • Self-reflections at the beginning, middle, and end of the year
  • An annual vision board
  • Yearly goal planning and timeline pages
  • Future goals and dreams page
  • 2021 highlights page
  • Year at a Glance spread
  • Seasonal to-do list page
  • 10 project planning/goal breakdown pages
  • Four pages for planning each month, including a monthly calendar, guided reflection, to-do lists and more
  • Four pages for planning each week (two overview, two scheduling)
  • 11 blank pages (half dot grid, half lined)
  • 100% crafted with care in the USA (including all materials)
  • Measures 6" x 8.5" x 1"
  • Weighs 1.5 lbs
  • 304 pages of bright white, thick 70# (105-gsm) paper
  • Eco-friendly (FSC-certified) paper and backing
  • Hardbound, coated cloth cover (elegant yet durable)
  • Two ribbons for easy tracking throughout the year
  • Rounded corners for durability
  • Includes January - December 2021
  • Weekly spreads are Monday - Sunday

Our 2021 planner features the much-loved layout from 2020 with a few subtle, thoughtful improvements.

If you're interested in seeing the entire layout, please scroll down to flip through our entire updated pdf.

Changes in overall design:

  • We added two additional blank pages to the goal brainstorming section and removed two project planning pages (there are now ten total).

Changes to the monthly and weekly layouts:

  • We moved the monthly goals and tasks section to the calendar layout and the reflection prompts to the monthly overview layout.
  • We added dedicated space for "acts of kindness" and "self care" to the weekly overview page.
  • Weekly and monthly reminders like "add repeating weekly goals" have been moved to a separate checklist, leaving your goals area completely open.

Orders typically ship in one to two business days.

We gladly accept returns of unused merchandise within seven days after you've received your order (digital products are not eligible). We will refund the purchase price (excluding shipping fees) of the returned items to the original form of payment. To begin the return process please reach out via email at hello@unboundplanner.com and we'll get you started.

Note - this is a low-resolution preview. Fine lines and subtle grays may register incorrectly on certain screens.

Interested in purchasing our digital version? That's for sale (and immediate download) here.

Customer Reviews

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Focus on goals you care about

It's easy to fill our time with anything that comes our way. Spend your valuable time on what's meaningful to you with our self-reflections and guided goal-making process.

Track everything in one place

Clear your mind and simplify your life with our complete organizational system that tracks everything from your biggest goals to smallest everyday tasks.

Create healthy habits

Includes dedicated space for practices like gratitude, self care and reflection so you're reminded regularly to engage in healthy life habits proven to increase your happiness, productivity and health.

Be your best self

It's not about doing more things - it's about doing the right things


This has been - by far - the best planner I have ever owned. Unbound makes goal tracking, personal care, daily commitments, and long term project planning a snap. I love going into the week with a sense of how I can conquer both mundane tasks and also how I can achieve personal milestones. I'm already so much more productive and self-fulfilled (and it's only March)!

Katie P.

I'm such a "to-do" list person, and this is THE only planner I feel meets my needs in this arena. Not just for small tasks and big tasks (which are divided out BTW, amazing!), but also for tracking daily habits, the three big tasks of the day, and even the big yearlong goals we need to be reminded of daily. It truly helps me plan out and visualize my week while also holding me accountable. I've never bought a planner back-to-back years, but this was my first year doing so!

Taylor M.

Ultra premium quality

Our planners use thick, bright white paper that's a joy to write on. Hand crafted in the USA and eco-friendly (FSC-certified).