2020 Planner - Digital Version
2020 Planner - Digital Version
2020 Planner - Digital Version
2020 Planner - Digital Version
2020 Planner - Digital Version
2020 Planner - Digital Version

2020 Planner - Digital Version

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Our full 2020 layout in a downloadable and printable PDF format. Perfect to print and have bound on your own.

Choose either full spreads (2 pages per sheet - works best on your iPad) or single pages (can be printed to any custom configuration and size - full 8.5 x 11" size, booklet format, etc.).

Please note the digital version is non-refundable. 

  • Focus on what's really important to you and cultivate a life that reflects your inner values
    • Through careful self-reflection, this planner helps you rediscover your priorities and true passions. From there it guides you through a process to create goals that are truly meaningful to you.
    • Once you've outlined your goals Unbound offers...
  • A comprehensive system that integrates and organizes all your varying goals, dreams, to-do lists, projects, daily planning and more in one place
    • This planner is a powerful tool that actually helps you move towards your goals while keeping all the different parts of your life very organized
    • Say goodbye to mental clutter!
    • Healthy life practices woven directly into your daily routine
      • Unbound includes gentle reminders for important practices like daily gratitude, self-care, reflection and more
      • These are things that are scientifically-proven time and again to make us happier and healthier but we often forget in the busyness of life. By putting them in your planner we help you prioritize them.
    • Thoughtful blank space every week and month so you can customize the planner to your specific needs
      • Everyone plans differently and Unbound takes that into account by giving plenty of open space and just the right amount of guidance
      • Self-reflections at the beginning, middle, and end of the year
      • An annual vision board
      • Yearly goal planning and timeline pages
      • Future goals and dreams page
      • 2020 highlights page
      • Year at a Glance spread
      • Seasonal to-do list page
      • 12 project planning/goal breakdown pages
      • Four pages for planning each month, including a monthly calendar, guided reflection, to-do lists and more
      • Four pages for planning each week (two overview, two scheduling)
      • 11 blank pages (half dot grid, half lined)
      Right after you complete your purchase, you will receive an automated email with a link to your PDF download (make sure your email address is correct at checkout). Questions? Let us know!

      A few tips to make your printing as easy as possible:

      • Make sure you're using high-quality ink and paper to get the best looking printout possible.
      • Set your printer options to "scale to fit" to ensure the document scales to the paper you're using.
      • To create a "booklet" format to be cut and bound just like our physical planner, select the Singe Page Version, adjust print settings to Booklet, and print on both sides. Different printers and PDF applications will vary - we recommend Adobe Acrobat. NOTE: our layouts are designed for 8.5x6" paper, so printing side-by-side on 8.5x11" sheets will shrink layouts by about 10%.
      • Consider taking your PDF to a printing store to let them align margins and make cleaner cuts.
      • To use your planner digitally (iPad or computer) we recommend the Spread Version - each spread will show up on your screen in the correct side-by-side layout.

      Questions? Let us know!

      Note - this is a low-resolution preview. Fine lines and subtle grays may register incorrectly on certain screens.

      Interested in purchasing our digital version? That's for sale (and immediate download) here.

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