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I've purchased many planners and journals over the years and the quality of the Unbound Planner is off the charts! Plus, the organizational system inside looks to hit all the right details. I can't wait to get started with it.

Eden B.

I don't think of it as my planner. It's my step-by-step guidebook to being the person I always dreamed I'd be. It's my one place to achieve all my goals, no matter how big or small. 

Alison H.

From the first time I went through Unbound's self reflection exercises and I saw how they connect my priorities to a plan and a calendar that I rely on every day, I was hooked. It's one, beautiful place to organize my thoughts, ideas, tasks and dreams.

Jamie S.

Why Unbound?

By choosing Unbound, you're choosing to be purposeful with your time.

Think of this planner as your guide for the year. Your one place to manage all your goals and to-dos. Your tool to be more mindful and proactive with your days. Your commitment to becoming your happiest, healthiest and most productive self. 

Don't let your days fill up with whatever comes your way. Do life differently in 2018.

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Meet Unbound

Unbound is a 2018 yearly planner on a mission to redefine how you spend your time

It's not about doing more things, it's about doing the right things. We want to help you achieve whatever is important to you, whether that's traveling the world or eating more veggies (or both). Our one-of-a-kind system organizes your big dreams alongside your daily habits and everything in between.

We've also built in regular reminders for self-care, reflection, gratitude, a morning routine, helping others - life practices that are scientifically proven to benefit your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

And it all comes in a meticulously crafted package - a hardbound book you’ll love carrying anywhere and everywhere.


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Change your life in 2018

Unbound was chosen as one of seven books to change your life in 2018: 

"The Unbound Planner merges mindfulness and organization... Empower yourself with a planner that helps you not just organize, but manifest."

A system to guide you

GenTwenty featured Unbound in a post highlighting 18 goals for 2018, and shows how Unbound works for all of them.

"It’s the first I’ve seen that tracks all your goals in one place — whether they occur yearly, monthly, weekly or daily."

What makes Unbound different

Focus on goals you care about

Unbound is not about doing more things (unless you want it to be); it’s about doing the right things. 

The opening pages start with some self-reflection to get you thinking about what’s really important to you. You then prioritize what you want to do and weed out what you don't. Keep in mind any goal works - big or small - as long as it’s meaningful to you. 

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Track everything in one place

At its heart, Unbound is an organizational tool meant to clear your mind by getting everything down on paper.

You’re 50% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down, but too many well-intentioned goals are smothered by disorganization. This is where Unbound shines. Managing and tracking your goals is natural using this simple and beautifully integrated system. All your to-dos, from your big dreams to one-off projects to daily to-do's and habits ... all in one place. 

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Life practices for a better you

Unbound emphasizes practicing mindfulness, gratitude, self-reflection, motivation, helping others and habit awareness.

These are proven to increase happiness, productivity and even physical health. Check out The Science of Unbound for more details.

the science of unbound

Organize your time. Spend it with purpose.

We help you align your daily routine with your big goals and dreams. 

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Look inside Unbound Planner

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Our Guarantee

We promise you will love Unbound. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, send it back up to seven days after you receive your order for a full refund.

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